Guess what guys?!! I discovered male extra heard recently heard of the Male Edge that they may be making a Passion Of The Christ Version 2..

Or maybe not as I just have got a winsol wishful thinking :-)

I think that if they did make a 2nd movie then try the bathmate x20 it would be really good and there are so many different stories to be told about christ.

I know for sure that if they did make another movie I would recommend the Gynectrol would watch it.

In the first movie there were lots of parts where Christ met lots of bad people seem to like yoga burn that didn't like him. I used this. These Hydromax X30 pics people although they are hurtful and mean they are also just mammals and they don't know any better so Jesus forgives them.

I think in the second movie he would be even more forgiving and tolerant and that's why Jesus was a great man. I hope they make a second movie.

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