Passion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

For media requests, fax Rogers & Cowan @ 310-854-8143
For screening the movie in churches, prisons, schools, and hospitals please contact Swank at 800-685-7682 or email To purchase promotional tools for your church screening contact Outreach Inc at 800-991-6011 or visit
CHURCHES & MINISTRIES: For film clips & still photography for live performance use in your church worship services, purchase The Passion of the Christ Church Resource DVD online at Click on “merchandise” for the church resource DVD and information about other officially licensed passion products. The church resource DVD contains the ONLY clips & stills available for live church use. Stills may be used for local printed promotional material. For more details on the church resource DVD, go to the online order page and click on “FAQ” button.
GENERAL REQUESTS: Please fax merchandising requests, as well as film clip and still photo licensing requests to 310-434-7375. Film clips of the movie are NOT available for non-broadcast licensing. In general, broadcasting rights will be considered. Again, stills & clips are ONLY available for live performance use to churches and ministries by purchasing the church resource DVD (see above) and do not require licensing for live performance only.
Music licensing – to apply for print, synch and mechanical licences, please click here.