The Passion Of The Christ

The passion of Christ is a great movie that depicts the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem during his crucifixion. The term passion originates from Latin where it means suffering and pain.

However, Christian theology broadened it to include the love of Christ for mankind. Now, the passion of Christ means that he willingly suffered and died for us.

The Passion of Christ begins from the time Judas betrayed Jesus Christ, condemnation by the Pharisees and his appearance before Pontius Pilate.

The movie runs for 126 minutes and up to 100 minutes concern specifically with details of how Jesus Christ was tortured before dead. Some describe it as the most violent film ever created.

Mel Gibson who created the film designed the film’s graphics to clearly show the price Jesus Christ had to paid for our sins.

The film features all the visceral ideas of what the Christ’s Passion consisted of and the film is superficial regarding surrounding message.

It is not a homily or a sermon but a visualization depicting the main event in the Christian religion.

Some critics such as Newsweek have responded to the Gibson creation, saying that the relentless is self-defeating and instead of being moved by the Christ suffering, the filmmaker seems to punish the audience.

This reflects what most of other audience might be feeling as there are many audiences who enters the theater with a spiritual mood only to emerge disturbed.

You must be ready for whipping, beating, the crunching of bones, and agony of screams. If you are not ready to watch this, you may reach the end of the movie.

This is a Passion like none other ever filmed before. It breaks the tradition of portraying Jesus and the disciples as neat, clean and well-barbered middle-class businessmen.

In the biblical times, the Middle East was occupied by the Jewish people and Jesus Christ’s was seen as threatening message of revolution. The message preached the new covenant that was seen as a thread to the status quo.

The movie shows Jesus suffering to death. The other two main characters are the Pontius Pilate who was the Roman’s Governor and Caiaphas who was the Jewish’s high priest.

I also learned about phen375 about that time as well. While none of them seems to be eager to allow the angry mob crucify Jesus, they lived in a time such a man who was seen by the Jewish as most dangerous was preaching.

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Pilate is seen doubting the accusations before he finally wash his hands and turning the matter of Jesus to the priests. Although Caiaphas also had doubts, he is not seen sympathetic.

Critics of the film say that the film omits canonical verse from the Gospel of John where Caiaphas says that it is better for a man to die for his people so as to save his people.

Scenes like this have faced a lot of critics who have said that the film features anti-Semitism. Some feel that the Gibson’s film is not anti-semantics, but portray different behaviors on parts of the Jewish character. Most of the Jews who want Jesus crucified are priest and their behavior are both political and theological. The other Jews featured in the film seem positive.

For example, Simon assists Jesus Christ to carry the cross, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus with a cloth and most other crazy bulk reviews Jews featured in the crowd are crying due to the torture.

Generally, the film features a number of characters of different motives, some goods while others not. Jesus is seen as a Jew attempting to introduce a new religion different from the established traditional religion that Jews are used to and make himself the Messiah. He was considerably understood by the Jewish as most of his disable and founders of the church was his also Jews.

The Jews who killed Christ did so as a result of a misunderstanding of his teaching and testament. Jesus Christ was made a man and send to earth suffer and crucified so that our sins are forgiven. No man, race, no governor or priest killed Jesus. It is our sins who killed Jesus and he died to fulfill the will of God so that we are saved.

The Passion of the Christ movie depends on upon the theological considerations. He never created the testo fuel movie for commercial purposes or so that he earn million by entertaining people. He wanted to pass his radical personal message. The filmmaker use artistic knowledge and fortune to portray his belief and use an approach, which make the movie unique as comparing the earlier versions.

There have seen many reactions from various audiences who have been moved by that depth of feeling experienced in the movie. This exactly shows the skill and dedication of the film actors and technicians who wanted to see the best out of the movie. Although this is a powerful movie, it is not about performance, technique and awesome, cinematography or music, but this film is about an idea. It is an idea that is fully necessary to comprehend the Passion and change people if Christianity is to make any sense.

Gibson though the Passion of the Christ managed to communicate his ideas and although many may disagree some will agree. As well as this article I also wrote about phenq here too.

The only very challenging thing about this film is the horrific graphic treatment that gets audience horrified.

Before watching the movie, it is important to note that the film is the most violent ever and if you are not ready to face it, then you might not be able to complete it.

The film is not suitable for children but is powerful enough for those who can endure it.

The Passion of the Christ is among the most powerful movies ever made.

It is designed to grab the viewer attention from the start to finish and will really take your breath away.

Although it is one of the most violent movies ever created, it gives very poignant and powerful message to the audience.

Never allow your kid watch the film as it brings the endless over-the-top brutality.

To summarize, the movie is touching, powerful, heartfelt, shocking, inspiring, and riveting.